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    Fix a bug in calculating the compound ref frame cost · 03a11f6c
    Zoe Liu authored
    The previous ext-refs experiment did not consider the cost of the 2nd
    reference frame on mode decision in the compound mode. With the fix,
    using Overall PSNR, compared to the previous ext-refs RD performance
    before the bug fix, all against the baseline, the improvements are:
    "ext-refs" before fix: lowres -5.665%  midres: -4.833%
    "ext-refs" after fix:  lowres -5.776%  midres: -5.000%
    Improvement by the fix: lowres -0.111%  midres: -0.167%
    Change-Id: I2eceedf2d4046b169514e049fd01baaf0bbb50c6