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    Changes to maximum gf/arf interval. · 08d2c382
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This patch puts in an adjustment to the maximum gf/arf
    interval based on the active q range.  It sets a fixed
    baseline maximum of 16 but can drop this down to 12 at
    lower q. This required some re-ordering in the first pass
    code to insure we have a Q range estimate before defining
    the first gf sequence.
    The main gains seed are int he STD hd set on 50fps clips
    where previously the interval could rise as high as 25.
    On the std hd clip the gains are around 2.8% with limit set
    to 300 frames.
    When combined with the one shot rate control flags we get
    combined of:
    derf 1.55% (limit300), yt 7.25%, hd 5.17% std-hd 5.84% (limit300)
    Change-Id: Ib380d51354511f2ff0f171a8df4e74291c0421f9