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    Make "good" quality 2-pass vpxenc encoding default · 0d8723f8
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Currently, the best quality mode in VP9 is not very well developed,
    and unnecessarily makes the encode too slow. Hence the command line
    default is changed to "good" quality. Also, the number of passes
    default is changed to 2 passes as well, since 1-pass encoding is
    not very efficient in VP9.
    Besides, a number of VP9 defaults are set to the currently
    recommended settings. With these changes, vpxenc
    run with --codec=vp9 --kf-max-dist=9999 --cpu-used=0 should
    work about the same as our borg results.
    Note when the --cpu-used=0 option is dropped there will be a slight
    difference in the output, because of a difference in the cpu-used
    value for the first pass. Specifically, the default when unspecified
    is to use cpu_used=1 for the first pass and cpu_used=0 for the
    second pass. But when specified, both passes will use the cpu-used
    value specified.
    Note that this also changes the default for VP8 as being "good"
    but other options stay unchanged.
    Change-Id: Ib23c1a05ae2f36ee076c0e34403efbda518c5066