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    Adds "armvX-none-rvct" targets · 11a222f5
    Tero Rintaluoma authored
    Adds following targets to configure script to support RVCT compilation
    without operating system support (for Profiler or bare metal images).
     - armv5te-none-rvct
     - armv6-none-rvct
     - armv7-none-rvct
    To strip OS specific parts from the code "os_support"-config was added
    to script and CONFIG_OS_SUPPORT flag is used in the code to exclude OS
    specific parts such as OS specific includes and function calls for
    timers and threads etc. This was done to enable RVCT compilation for
    profiling purposes or running the image on bare metal target with
    Removed separate AREA directives for READONLY data in armv6 and neon
    assembly files to fix the RVCT compilation. Otherwise
    "ldr <reg>, =label" syntax would have been needed to prevent linker
    errors. This syntax is not supported by older gnu assemblers.
    Change-Id: I14f4c68529e8c27397502fbc3010a54e505ddb43