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    EXT_INTER experiment · 1ac85879
    Yue Chen authored
    NEW2MV is enabled, representing a new motion vector predicted from
    NEARMV. It is mostly ported from nextgen, where it was named
    A few fixes are done for sub8x8 RDO to correct some misused
    mv references in the original patch.
    A 'bug-fix' for encoding complexity is done, reducing the additional
    encoding time from 50% to 20%. In sub8x8 case, the old patch
    did motion search for every interpolation filter (vp9 only
    searches once). This fix also slightly improves the coding gain.
    This experiment has been made compatible with REF_MV and EXT_REFS.
    Coding gain (derflr/hevcmr/hevchd): 0.267%/0.542%/0.257%
    Change-Id: I9a94c5f292e7454492a877f65072e8aedba087d4