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    Simplify motion var parameters in reconinter.h · 1cfe474b
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    Before this patch, the functions build_inter_predictors, allow_warp
    and av1_make_inter_predictor took two parameters (if
    CONFIG_MOTION_VAR): mi_col_offset and mi_row_offset. These were used
    for two things: they were used to look up a MODE_INFO structure and
    the code figured out it was doing OBMC if at least one offset was
    This patch slightly simplifies things by passing the relevant mi and a
    flag saying whether we're doing OBMC instead. This means the
    allow_warp function actually loses a parameter.
    It also moves all mention of the functions out of the header and into
    reconinter.c since they are only used in that compilation unit.
    Change-Id: I8dedad9d7384ee0aa17b977e92ea7bfa83a532ef
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