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    Rate control changes on active_worst_quality · 1e59cbf2
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Various cleanups and refactoring.
    Removes feedback of active worst qaulity and uses last_q
    instead to make the interface cleaner. Active worst quality
    is now decided only once for a frame being coded in the
    beginning based on last_q and other stats. Also, adds other
    cleaups on last_q to store also the last_q for altref frames,
    and reduces the altref interval a little.
    The output does change a little.
    derfraw300: +0.224% (global psnr)
    stdhdraw250: +0.442% (global psnr)
    Change-Id: Ie634cdc032697044c472dd0fe79c109b3e7f9767