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    Enable recursive partition down to 4x4 · 1f26840f
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit allows the rate-distortion optimization recursion
    at encoder to go down to 4x4 block size. It deprecates the use
    of I4X4_PRED and SPLITMV syntax elements from bit-stream
    writing/reading. Will remove the unused probability models in
    the next patch.
    The partition type search and bit-stream are now capable of
    supporting the rectangular partition of 8x8 block, i.e., 8x4
    and 4x8. Need to revise the rate-distortion parts to get these
    two partition tested in the rd loop.
    Change-Id: I0dfe3b90a1507ad6138db10cc58e6e237a06a9d6