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    Refactor selected partition size coding for rtc · 1fc0bde6
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit makes a refactoring of the rtc_use_partition. It allows
    the encoder to take a preferred block size for non-RD mode decision.
    The boundary blocks are handled such that smaller block sizes that
    fit in the boundary size will be used instread.
    In rtc mode, the coding performance of speed -6 for pedestrian_1080p
    goes from
    158980 b/f, 38.934 dB, 22721 ms to
    159008 b/f, 40.064 dB, 23721 ms.
    For rtc set, the speed -6 compression performance is improved by
    26%. Still about 2dB behind speed -5 at this point.
    Change-Id: If0944f0880eaf1ad340bc325d97cea8d0f9dd53f