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    Adaptive entropy coding of coefficients, modes, mv. · 1fe85a35
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    This patch incorporates adaptive entropy coding of coefficient tokens,
    and mode/mv information based on distributions encountered in a frame.
    Specifically, there is an initial forward update to the probabilities
    in the bitstream as before for coding the symbols in the frame, however
    at the end of decoding each frame, the forward update to the
    probabilities is reverted and instead the probabilities are updated
    towards the actual distributions encountered within the frame.
    The amount of update is weighted by the number of hits within each
    Results on derf/hd/std-hd are all up by 1.6%.
    On derf, the most of the gains come from coefficients, however for the
    hd and std-hd sets, the most of the gains come from the mode/mv
    information updates.
    Change-Id: I708c0e11fdacafee04940fe7ae159ba6844005fd