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    Add half-pixel variance RTCD functions · 209d82ad
    John Koleszar authored
    NEON has optimized 16x16 half-pixel variance functions, but they
    were not part of the RTCD framework. Add these functions to RTCD,
    so that other platforms can make use of this optimization in the
    future and special-case ARM code can be removed.
    A number of functions were taking two variance functions as
    parameters. These functions were changed to take a single
    parameter, a pointer to a struct containing all the variance
    functions for that block size. This provides additional flexibility
    for calling additional variance functions (the half-pixel special
    case, for example) and by initializing the table for all block sizes,
    we don't have to construct this function pointer table for each
    Change-Id: I78289ff36b2715f9a7aa04d5f6fbe3d23acdc29c
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