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    Refactor decode_tiles and loopfilter code. · 20c1edf6
    hkuang authored
    The current decode_tiles decodes the frame one tile by one tile
    and then loopfilter the whole frame or use another worker thread to
    do loopfiltering.
    For example, if a tile video has one row and four cols, decode_tiles
    will decode the Tile1, then Tile2, then Tile3, then Tile4.
    And during decode each tile, decode_tile will decode row by row in
    each tile.
    For frame parallel decoding, decode_tiles will decode video in row order
    across the tiles. So the order will be:
    "Decode 1st row of Tile1" -> "Decode 1st row of Tile2"
    -> "Decode 1st row of Tile3" -> "Decode 1st row of Tile4"
    -> "Decode 2nd row of Tile1" -> "Decode 2nd row of Tile2"
    -> "Decode 2nd row of Tile3" -> "Decode 2nd row of Tile4"-> "loopfilter 1st row"
    Change-Id: I2211f9adc6d142fbf411d491031203cb8a6dbf6b