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    loop-restoration: Only use upscaled height · 21f43073
    David Barker authored
    The superres upscale process only generates cm->height many rows
    of pixels, but we were previously using cm->mi_rows*MI_SIZE many.
    The latter number are easily available before upscaling, but we
    ideally don't want to have to upscale extra rows. So we switch
    to only using cm->height many rows inside loop-restoration.
    While making this change, I found and fixed an issue with
    av1_get_tile_rect() when using horizontal subsampling + horizontal
    Finally, note that this change does introduce an edge case which
    isn't obvious from the source code. This has been annotated as a
    comment in save_deblock_boundary_lines().
    Change-Id: Ide2bd433d45baa0fb1198353d05eb21b9a903157
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