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    Auto-adaptive encoder frame resizing logic · 23ebacdb
    Adrian Grange authored
    Note: This feature is still in development.
    Add an option for the encoder to decide the resolution
    at which to encode each frame.
    Each KF/GF/ARF goup is tested to see if it would be
    better encoded at a lower resolution. At present, each
    KF/GF/ARF is coded first at full-size and if the coded
    size exceeds a threshold (twice target data rate) at
    the maximum active Q then the entire group is encoded
    at lower resolution.
    This feature is enabled in vpxenc by setting:
    In addition, if the vpxenc command line also specifies
    valid frame dimensions using:
      --resize-width=XXXX & --resize_height=YYYY
    then *all* frames will be encoded at this resolution.
    Change-Id: I13f341e0a82512f9e84e144e0f3b5aed8a65402b