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    Unify FWD_TXFM_PARAM and INV_TXFM_PARAM · 27319b6e
    Lester Lu authored
    Change two similar structs, FWD_TXFM_PARAM and INV_TXFM_PARAM,
    into a common struct: TxfmParam. Its definition is moved to
    aom_dsp/txfm_common.h to simplify dependency.
    This change is made so that, in later changes of the LGT
    experiment, functions requiring FWD_TXFM_PARAM and
    INV_TXFM_PARAM, such as get_fwd_lgt4 and get_inv_lgt4, can
    also be unified.
    Change-Id: I756b0176a02314005060adbf8e62386f10eeb344