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    Fix bad speed settings interaction. · 2e05341a
    Paul Wilkins authored
    The flag x->skip_recode interacts badly with
    the cpi->sf.use_nonrd_pick_mode and
    cpi->sf.skip_encode_sb speed settings.
    Restricting the use of the skip_decode flag when
    these other speed choices are in use helps quality
    for speeds 3 and 4 by a large amount with only a
    small impact on speed.
    Average improvmentes for 2 pass speed 4:
    Derf +8.8%
    Yt + 10.53%
    Std-Hd +6.95%
    yt-hd + 22.95%
    Change-Id: I8010876d8012042a11077c92e69d813c3dfa58eb