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    Remove secondary mv clamping from decode stage · 3085025f
    John Koleszar authored
    This patch removes the secondary MV clamping from the MV decoder. This
    behavior was consistent with limits placed on non-split MVs by the
    reference encoder, but was inconsistent with the MVs generated in the
    split case.
    The purpose of this secondary clamping was only to prevent crashes on
    invalid data. It was not intended to be a behaviour an encoder could or
    should rely on. Instead of doing additional clamping in a way that
    changes the entropy context, the secondary clamp is removed and the
    border handling is made implmentation specific. With respect to the
    spec, the border is treated as essentially infinite, limited only by
    the clamping performed on the near/nearest reference and the maximum
    encodable magnitude of the residual MV.
    This does not affect any currently produced streams.
    Change-Id: I68d35a2fbb51570d6569eab4ad233961405230a3