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    Refactored idct routines and headers · 3a8c43a4
    Peter de Rivaz authored
    This change is made in preparation for a
    subsequent patch which adds acceleration
    for the highbitdepth transform functions.
    The highbitdepth transform functions attempt
    to use 16/32bit sse instructions where possible,
    but fallback to using the C implementations if
    potential overflow is detected.  For this reason
    the dct routines are made global so they can be
    called from the acceleration functions in the
    subsequent patch.
    Change-Id: Ia921f191bf6936ccba4f13e8461624b120c1f665
    (cherry picked from commit 454342d4e77dbb67f4a3c10f97a57a6fcb46d9a0)