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    Enable adaptive pred filter type for sub8x8 · 3b5a90bd
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables an adaptive prediction filter type selection
    for sub8x8 block sizes. In speed 1, it re-uses the filter type of
    collocated 8x8 block if it is tested in the rate-distortion optimization
    loop, for the sub8x8 blocks. Otherwise, it runs the normal test
    over all the three filter types. In speed 2, it re-uses the 8x8
    block's prediction filter type, if available. Otherwise, force it
    to be EIGHTTAP.
    Compression and speed performance wise:
    speed 1
    derf -0.266%
    yt   -0.138%
    bus at 2000 kbps: 33766ms -> 30451ms (10% speed-up)
    football at 600 kbps: 48173ms -> 43786ms (9% speed-up)
    speed 2
    derf -0.026%
    yt   +0.134%
    bus at 2000 kbps: 18973ms -> 17698ms (6% speed-up)
    football at 600 kbps: 26748ms -> 25096ms (6% speed-up)
    Change-Id: I77e097533b969fd3472147225fa79fc98095d342