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    Initial refactoring of high_precision mv code. · 3e1cad9c
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    This is the first patch for refactoring of the code related to
    high-precision mv, so that 1/4 and 1/8 pel motion vectors can
    co-exist in the same bit-stream by use of a frame level flag.
    The current patch works fine for only use of 1/4th and
    only use of 1/8th pel mv, but there are some issues with the
    mode switching in between. Subsequent patches on this change Id
    will fix the remaining issues.
    Patch 2: Adds fixes to make sure that multiple mv precisions can
    co-exist in the bit-stream. Frame level switching has been tested
    to work correctly.
    Patch 3: Fixes lines exceeding 80 char
    Patch 4:
    Results on derf after ssse3 bugfix, compared to everything
    enabled but the 8-tap, 1/8-subpel and 1/16-subpel uv. Overall the
    gains are about 3% now. Hopefully there are no more bugs lingering.
    Apparently the sse3 bug affected the quartel subpel results more than
    the eighth pel ones (which is understandabale because one bad predictor
    due to the bug, matters less if there are a lot more subpel options
    available as in the 1/8 subpel case).
    The results in the 4th column correspond to the current settings.
    The first two columns correspond to two settings of adaptive switching
    of the 1/4 or 1/8 subpel mode based on initial Q estimate. These
    do not work as good as just using 1/8 all the time yet.
    Change-Id: I3ef392ad338329f4d68a85257a49f2b14f3af472