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    Improve motion search in real-time mode · 41e6eceb
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Applied better MV prediction in real-time mode, which improves
    the encoding quality.
    Used quarter-pixel search instead of iterative sub-pixel search
    for speed >=5 to improve encoding performance.
    Tests on the test set showed:
    1. For speed=-5, quality improvement: 1.7% on AvgPSNR and 2.1%
    on SSIM, performance improvement: 3.6% (This counts in the
    performance lose caused by MV prediction calculation in "Improve
    MV prediction in vp8_pick_inter_mode() for speed>3").
    2. For speed=-8, quality improvement: 2.1% on AvgPSNR and 2.5%
    on SSIM. but, 6.9% performance decrease because of MV prediction
    calculation. This should be improved later.
    Change-Id: I349a96c452bd691081d8c8e3e54419e7f477bebd