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    pvq: Remove support for disabling nodesync. · 44bb6d06
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    This was broken by commit 1238137c.
    When calling the generic coder with a max, it truncates the CDF, but
    then tries to encode/decode with the Q15 entropy coder functions
    with built-in adaptation. That causes assertion failures, because the
    total probability isn't 32768.
    We could fix it by re-scaling the CDF, and then doing adaptation
    assuming there was no max, but that requires several special-case
    code paths.
    Instead, since non-robust streams were the only thing that still
    required calling the generic coder with a max, and since the gain
    from them is very small (and they require doing more DSP just to be
    able to parse the stream), we simply remove the option and force
    the use of robust streams all the time.
    With robust streams enabled, encoder output should not change, and
    all streams should remain decodable without decoder changes.
    Thanks to Nathan Egge for reporting the problem.
    Change-Id: I6c81481abb796688bf703d68f164d208e6a69f20