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    Tune the decision on the GF group interval · 4c3d4767
    Zoe Liu authored
    The change is purely an encoder-side tuning, which constrains a GF
    group interval to be either 8, or 12, or a number larger than 12
    (maximum of 16). The change is under ext_refs.
    This work has been part of the summer internship effort by chendixi@.
    Further, this CL removes the experiment of flex_refs and merges it
    into ext_refs, as flex_refs has been completely focused on the encoder
    side optimization for ext_refs.
    On Google test sets, above (stillness + interval enforcement) achieve
    a coding gain in BDRate as follows, compared against the AV1 baseline
    with all tools enabled by default (excluding ext-tx, global-motion,
    and convolve-round for speed concern):
    lowres: avg_psnr -0.193%; ovr_psnr -0.370%; ssim -0.332%
    midres: avg_psnr -0.556%; ovr_psnr -0.680%; ssim -0.798%
    Change-Id: Ia992d8ef0d82cc0ef2caba5eec9b26f0358e6bde