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    multi-res: restore v1.0.0 API · d72c536e
    John Koleszar authored
    Move the notion of 0 bitrate implying skip deeper into the codec,
    rather than doing it at the multi-encoder API level. This preserves
    v1.0.0 ABI compatibility, rather than forcing a bump to v2.0.0 over a
    minor change. Also, this allows the case where the application can
    selectively enable and disable the larger resolution(s) without having
    to reinitialize the codec instace (for instance, if no target is
    receiving the full resolution stream).
    It's not clear how deep to push this check. It may be valuable to
    allow the framerate adaptation code to run, for example. Currently put
    the check as early as possible for simplicity, should reevaluate this
    as this feature gains real use.
    Change-Id: I371709b8c6b52185a1c71a166a131ecc244582f0