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    Enable encode_breakout in real time encoding · 507fd522
    Yunqing Wang authored
    In real time encoding, we enable encode_breakout to make encoding
    fast. A speed feature "use_encode_breakout" is defined to set
    encode_breakout thresholds for different speeds.
    However, currently, static_thresh is an encoder option. The encode_
    breakout can be turned off if user sets static_thresh=0 specifically.
    The rtc set borg test result: (need to set --static_thresh=1)
    speed -5, psnr loss -3.543%;
    speed -4, psnr loss -2.358%;
    speed -3, psnr loss -0.771%.
    Encoding speed test:
    speed -5, 11% - 60% speedup;
    speed -4, 5.5% - 28% speedup;
    speed -3, 0.8% - 7% speedup.
    Change-Id: Icde592ffbe77eac7446f872a2e9eb2051733677b
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