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    Adds support for switchable interpolation filters. · 52597441
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Allows for swtiching/setting interpolation filters at the MB
    level. A frame level flag indicates whether to use a specifc
    filter for the entire frame or to signal the interpolation
    filter for each MB. When switchable filters are used, the
    encoder chooses between 8-tap and 8-tap sharp filters. The
    code currently has options to explore other variations as well,
    which will be cleaned up subsequently.
    One issue with the framework is that encoding is slow. I
    tried to do some tricks to speed things up but it is still slow.
    Decoding speed should not be affected since the number of
    filter taps remain unchanged.
    With the current version, we are up 0.5% on derf on average but
    some videos city/mobile improve by close to 4 and 2% respectively.
    If we did a full-search by turning the SEARCH_BEST_FILTER flag
    on, the results are somewhat better.
    The framework can be combined with filtered prediction, and I
    seek feedback regarding that.
    Change-Id: I8f632cb2c111e76284140a2bd480945d6d42b77a