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    Add sparc-solaris-gcc as a build target. · 53f61ce2
    Aaron Watry authored
    Solaris 10 requires -lposix4 to build successfully on gcc. I only have a
    Sparc machine to test with on Solaris 10, but this change leaves
    OpenSolaris x86 in a usable state w/ gnu-generic.
    I am of the belief that this change should fix Solaris 10 on Sparc, but
    will leave other Solaris architectures as is. If someone has an x86
    Solaris 10 machine to test on, they may add x86-solaris-gcc to
    libvpx/configure and give it a go.
    Change-Id: I17a282028bb4d3e9fd8764159f95665160f7b62a