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    Enable chessboard inter prediction filter type search · 54ad0958
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables a chessboard pattern prediction filter type
    search scheme for rate-distortion optimization speed-up. For the
    inferred motion vector modes, the encoder can re-use its above/left
    neighbor blocks' prediction filter type and skip a full test on
    all possible filter types. Such operation is turned on/off
    alternatively in a chessboard manner.
    It is turned on in speed 3. For test clip pedestrian 1080p, the
    runtime is reduced from 231500 ms -> 221700 ms. The compression
    performance is changed:
    derf:  -0.147%
    yt:    -0.134%
    hd:    -0.079%
    stdhd: -0.220%
    Change-Id: I1912f278e7576c2dc632688e3ad7a257410c605a