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    Use 1 sample per neighbor for local warping model estimation · 5558e5da
    Yue Chen authored
    Only 1 sample needs to be collected. Max of 8 neighbors are
    In LS estimation, the projection samples (sx, sy)->(dx, dy) are
    intentionally smoothed by assuming 3 shifted versions
    (sx, sy+n)->(dx, dy+n), (sx+n, sy)->(dx+n, dy), (sx+n,
    sy+n)->(dx+n, dy+n) also contribute to the estimation.
    For example, instead of using A[0] = sx^2, we use the sum of
    squares of source x of four points, A[0] += 4sx^2+4*n*sx+n^2.
    But computational cost wise, it does not add much overhead. Coding
    gain is mostly same as the old version. If no smoothing is added,
    will lose 0.3% on lowres.
    Change-Id: I04be32cffa525f7dc8ee583c0bf211d7bdc6e609
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