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    Init cm->prev_frame before decoding gm params · 57c36e18
    Pavel Frolov authored
    This fixes global motion read/write mismatch.
    Minimal test case would be 3 encoded frames with:
        1) frame0: KEY frame
        2) frame1: INTER frame with refresh_frame_flags not 0x00 and
    not 0xFF, say 0x01 (refresh first slot)
        3) frame2: INTER frame with all reference indices equal to 3
    (i.e. no reference to frame1)
    When decoding frame2 decoder will use cm->prev_frame=frame1
    for gm params decoding, then switch to cm->prev_frame=frame0
    for the rest of the frame.
    This makes frame2 dependent on frame1 which is not used as reference.
    And also it is different from what encoder does.
    Change-Id: I42ba19c03d909286af12ba3149910693a12249e8
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