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    Modified prediction behavior for reference frame. · 58ec6fe8
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Trial of a modified prediction function that ranks each possible
    reference frame based on a combination of local usage and
    frame level probability. The code is a bit cleaner and simpler.
    In direct comparison with old unpredicted method with segment level
    coding turned off for mode,ref & EOB the prediction gives a gain on derf
    of around 0.4%. There is some further gain from bug fixes over earlier code.
    With segment coding on the prediction method is slightly -ve on some very
    easy clips (at low rates) due to slightly higher overheads, but better on harder
    clips. Overall neutral on derf in direct comparison on latest code base, but
    compared to earlier code without bug fixes about +0.7% overall psnr
    +0.3% SSIM.
    Change-Id: I5b8474658b208134d352d24f6517f25795490789