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    New default coefficient/band probabilities. · 5a5df19d
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    Gives 0.5-0.6% improvement on derf and stdhd, and 1.1% on hd. The
    old tables basically derive from times that we had only 4x4 or
    only 4x4 and 8x8 DCTs.
    Note that some values are filled with 128, because e.g. ADST ever
    only occurs as Y-with-DC, as does 32x32; 16x16 ever only occurs
    as Y-with-DC or as UV (as complement of 32x32 Y); and 8x8 Y2 ever
    only has 4 coefficients max. If preferred, I can add values of
    other tables in their place (e.g. use 4x4 2nd order high-frequency
    probabilities for 8x8 2nd order), so that they make at least some
    sense if we ever implement a larger 2nd order transform for the
    8x8 DCT (etc.), please let me know
    Change-Id: I917db356f2aff8865f528eb873c56ef43aa5ce22