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    Further modify the sample selection in warped motion · 5a6dc0e7
    Yunqing Wang authored
    1. Reduce the worst-case number of samples from 34 to 16.
    2. Simplify the trimming strategy to not use multiplication and
    division operations.
    Overall, this modification reduces the complexity without affecting
    the coding gain too much.
    Turning on "ext_warped_motion", the Borg test showed:
                 avg_psnr ovr_psnr ssim
    cam_lowres:  -0.912   -0.920  -1.246
    lowres:      -0.229   -0.219  -0.373
    Change-Id: Ida21d1d3f22998c851b1270fe61a5e30f9e4ec38
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