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    Added encoding in Superblock Order · 5d0b5a17
    Adrian Grange authored
    As a precursor to encoding 32x32 blocks this cl adds the
    ability to encode the frame superblock (=32x32 block) at
    a time. Within a SB the 4 indiviual MBs are encoded in
    raster-order (NW,NE,SW,SE).
    This functionality is added as an experiment which can be
    enabled by ispecifying --enable-superblocks in the
    command line specified to configure (CONFIG_SUPERBLOCKS
    macro in the code).
    To make this work I had to disable the two intra
    prediction modes that use data from the top-right of the
    On the tests that I have run the results produce
    almost exactly the same PSNRs & SSIMs with a very
    slightly higher average data rate (and slightly higher
    data rate than just disabling the two intra modes in
    the original code).
    NOTE: This will also break the multi-threaded code.
    This replaces the abandoned change:
    Change-Id: I1bc1a00f236abc1a373c7210d756e25f970fcad8