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    Superblock coding. · 5d4cffb3
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    This commit adds a pick_sb_mode() function which selects the best 32x32
    superblock coding mode. Then it selects the best per-MB modes, compares
    the two and encodes that in the bitstream.
    The bitstream coding is rather simplistic right now. At the SB level,
    we code a bit to indicate whether this block uses SB-coding (32x32
    prediction) or MB-coding (anything else), and then we follow with the
    actual modes. This could and should be modified in the future, but is
    omitted from this commit because it will likely involve reorganizing
    much more code rather than just adding SB coding, so it's better to let
    that be judged on its own merits.
    Gains on derf: about even, YT/HD: +0.75%, STD/HD: +1.5%.
    Change-Id: Iae313a7cbd8f75b3c66d04a68b991cb096eaaba6