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    Add intra complexity and brightness weight to first pass. · 5e935126
    Paul Wilkins authored
    The aim of this patch is to apply a positive weighting to
    frames that have a significant number of blocks that are
    of low spatial complexity and are dark. The rationale behind
    this is that artifacts tend to be more visible in such frames.
    In this patch the weight is only applied in regard to the distribution
    of bits between frames. Hence if all the frames share similar
    characteristics (as is the case for most of our short test clips) there
    will be little or no net effect.
    However, the effect can be seen on some longer form test content.
    For example Tears of steel baseline test:
    2323.09 Kbit/s opsnr 39.915 ssim 74.729
    With this patch:-
    2213.34 Kbit/s opsnr 39.963 ssim 74.808
    (Sligtly better metrics and about 5% smaller)
    The weighting may well need some further tuning along side changes
    to the aq modes.
    Change-Id: Ieced379bca03938166ab87b2b97f55d94948904c