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    Merge scale_factors and scale_factors_uv. · 5ebe503f
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    This prevents a duplicate memcpy of a 128-byte struct every time
    set_scale_factors() is called (which is a lot), thus leading to a
    decrease from 3.7 MB to 1.85 MB of struct copying per 64x64 block
    RD/partition loop.
    Overall, this decreases encoding time of the first 50 frames of bus
    @ 1500kbps (speed 0) from 1min5.9 to 1min4.9, i.e. about a 1.5%
    overall speedup. We can likely get more gains by removing the copy
    of the other struct (and replacing it with an indexing) as well.
    Change-Id: I3dceb7e79f71e6fe911b11cc994cf89a869dde7a