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    WebM Experimental Codec Branch Snapshot · 6035da54
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This is a code snapshot of experimental work currently ongoing for a
    next-generation codec.
    The codebase has been cut down considerably from the libvpx baseline.
    For example, we are currently only supporting VBR 2-pass rate control
    and have removed most of the code relating to coding speed, threading,
    error resilience, partitions and various other features.  This is in
    part to make the codebase easier to work on and experiment with, but
    also because we want to have an open discussion about how the bitstream
    will be structured and partitioned and not have that conversation
    constrained by past work.
    Our basic working pattern has been to initially encapsulate experiments
    using configure options linked to #IF CONFIG_XXX statements in the
    code. Once experiments have matured and we are reasonably happy that
    they give benefit and can be merged without breaking other experiments,
    we remove the conditional compile statements and merge them in.
    Current changes include:
    * T...