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    a set of minor fixes · 636b2f38
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit tries to address an issue related to the oddity shown on
    HD _mobcal clip, where some rather ugly blocks shown in the second
    frame at low-mid bit rates if the third frame is not made a key frame
    by he encoder. The fixes include: 1)  made calls to sad_16x16 to be
    consistent with function prototype. 2) remove the error bias to intra
    and golden in mbgraph search. 3) changed the error accumulation on
    inter_segment encoding to avoid potential out-of-range. 1) has no
    effect on encoding results.
    Encoding test show that the overall effect of the commit helps about
    .2%(HD) to .3%(cif)
    Change-Id: I930975a2d0c06252f01c39e0a02351529774e30b