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    Enable group adaptive max q by default. · 691ec45b
    paulwilkins authored
    Set the GF group adaptive max Q compile flag to 1 by default.
    This change has a quite big visual impact in some clips and also
    contributes to tighter rate control.
    For short test clips that have consistent content the impact is
    quite small on metrics but for more varied long form clips there is
    a drop in overal psnr but a sharp rise in average psnr caused by
    greater expenditure on some easier sections and tighter rate clipping
    in hard sections.
    In chunck'ed encodes some of the effect will already be present due
    to the independent rate control in each chunk but this change takes
    the control down to a smaller scale.
    yt hd +10.67%, - 3.77%, -1.56%
    yt +9.654%, - 3.6%, - 1.82%
    std hd +0.25%, -0.85%, -0.42%
    derf +0.25%, - 1.1%. - 0.87%
    Change-Id: Ibbc39b800d99d053939f4c6712d715124082843e