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    Add a new intra prediction mode "smooth". · 6be4a54b
    Urvang Joshi authored
    This is added as part of ALT_INTRA experiment.
    This uses interpolation between top row and estimated bottom row; as
    well as left column and estimated right column to generate the
    predicted block.The interpolation is done using a predefined weight
    Based on experiments, the currently chosen weight array was created
    to represent a quadratic curve, but can be tuned further if needed.
    Improvement from baseline on Derf set:
    ALL Keyframes: 1.279%
    Improvement from existing ALT_INTRA:
    ALL Keyframes: 1.146%
    Change-Id: I12637fa1b91bd836f1c59b27d6caee2004acbdd4