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    configure: Add -mstackrealign flags to CFLAGS on OS/2 · 72e332f7
    KO Myung-Hun authored
    Many codes require -mstackrealign flags. Although -mstackrealign has
    been already added to CFLAGS of some modules, SIGSEGV occurs in other
    modules than those modules.
    The best way may be to find causes and to fix them. However, we
    cannot know those causes until SIGSEGV occur really. In addition, if
    SIGSEGV occurs in other programs, it will be fatal.
    So adding -mstackrealign flags to CFLAGS unconditionally is
    Change-Id: I999ef597a6afe97f5e7cc7bffaa866537c3eedd2
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