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    Make lpf_sb work with loopfilter_level · 765e34e3
    Cheng Chen authored
    Make lpf_sb compatible with loopfilter_level, when USE_GUESS_LEVEL = 1.
    Filter levels will be selected based on q index and applied for
    filtering on Y, U, V planes separately.
    Current model only allows to guess one filter level.
    Now Y_vert = Y_horz = U = V. In the future, we need to retrain the
    model and get filter levels for Y_vert, Y_horz, U and V separately.
    When USE_GUESS_LEVEL = 0, lpf_sb can't work with loopfilter_level yet.
    Change-Id: Icd774a147c07a4035cf8204a8754b2a99668bbfd
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