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    New prediction filter · 7d6b5425
    Adrian Grange authored
    This patch removes the old pred-filter experiment and replaces it
    with one that is implemented using the switchable filter framework.
    If the pred-filter experiment is enabled, three interopolation
    filters are tested during mode selection; the standard 8-tap
    interpolation filter, a sharp 8-tap filter and a (new) 8-tap
    smoothing filter.
    The 6-tap filter code has been preserved for now and if the
    enable-6tap experiment is enabled (in addition to the pred-filter
    experiment) the original 6-tap filter replaces the new 8-tap smooth
    filter in the switchable mode.
    The new experiment applies the prediction filter in cases of a
    fractional-pel motion vector. Future patches will apply the filter
    where the mv is pel-aligned and also to intra predicted blocks.
    Change-Id: I08e8cba978f2bbf3019f8413f376b8e2cd85eba4