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    Revised rd adjustment for variance. · 7e234b92
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Revised adjustment for rd based on source complexity.
    Two cases:
    1) Bias against low variance intra predictors
    when the actual source variance is higher.
    2) When the source variance is very low to give a slight
    bias against predictors that might introduce false texture
    or features.
    The impact on metrics of this change across the test sets is
    small and mixed.
    derf -0.073%, -0.049%, -0.291%
    std hd -0.093%, -0.1%, -0.557%
    yt  +0.186%, +0.04%, - 0.074%
    ythd +0.625%, + 0.563%, +0.584%
    Medium to strong psycho-visual improvements in some
    problem clips.
    This feature and intra weight on GF group length now
    turned on by default.
    Change-Id: Idefc8b633a7b7bc56c42dbe19f6b2f872d73851e