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    Add SSE2 code and unit test for VP9 denoiser. · 80465dae
    JackyChen authored
    This SSE2 is based on VP8 denoiser's SSE2 code. In VP8, there are
    only 16x16 blocks in denoiser, while in VP9, there are 13 different
    block sizes.
    By adding this SSE2 code, the improvement of encoder speed is around
    20%(using C code vs using SSE2 code), vary for different clips.
    The unit test for VP9 denoiser is to confirm that the SSE2 code is
    bit-exact with the C code. The unit test covers all block size.
    Change-Id: Ic8d8ac26db4ea40a5f146b5678a065af07eaaa3d