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    Refactor pair_set_epi16 for speedup · 8b8aaffc
    Peng Bin authored
    Use _mm_set1_epi32 instead of _mm_set_epi16, less instructions produced
    by compiler. This patch also removes the duplicate define of the same
    Speed test results:
    1. Unittest for each test cases in SSE2/AV1LbdInvTxfm2d shows 60%~80%
    speedup (except those case with TX_TYPE include iidentity)
    2. A brief speed test shows that with this CL, for speed1 encoder speeds up
    ~3% and decoder speeds up ~1.8%.
    (Baseline is 18976fa5)
    Change-Id: I2b0e12973fda05a21d6b6eb0f0efe11df6edfb84
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