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    Directional deblocking filter · 9050c9da
    Cheng Chen authored
    New deblocking filter that smooths block boundaries in an estimated
    direction of object orientation.
    1. Select the proper direction for deblocking filtering.
    Compute abs gradient line by line for the block.
    Select the direction with least sum of abs gradient.
    2. Apply deblocking filtering for a block along this direction.
    Apply directional filtering for Y, U, V planes.
    Coding gain on Google test set:
    %	  	avg_psnr   ovr_psnr  ssim
    lowres  	-0.129 	  -0.136    -0.277
    midres  	-0.103    -0.127    -0.188
    hdres	  	-0.159    -0.158    -0.173
    screen_content  -0.408    -0.397    -0.695
    Change-Id: Ie8646dcc163ace5d8faf5e502b38342d885efc30