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    max-tile: Fix issues discovered when testing max-tile · 917d6c06
    Dominic Symes authored
    max-tile remains off by default until more testing is performed but I would
    like to check in the fixes that are known so far to prevent this patch getting too big
    max_tile was provisionally adopted at the working group meeting 2017-Oct-10
    This patch fixes the following issues:
    - max_tile is fixed to suport superblock size 64x64 as well as 128x128 (ext_partition support)
    - max_tile is fixed in combination with loop_restoration
    - max_tile is fixed in combination with ext_tile (Bug: 1013)
    - max_tile is fixed in combination with lv_map and 64x64 subperblock (lv_map memory allocation
      fixed for 64x64 superblock)
    - max_tile reports the size of the first tile for inspection.c used by the analyzer
    Change-Id: Ib83ff613e5d66563c81452a085c7984d3b4813e4