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    Superblock encoding order · 9daf3154
    Adrian Grange authored
    This is the first patch to add superblock (32x32) coding
    order capabilities. It does not yet do any mode selection
    at the SB level, that will follow in a further patch.
    This patch encodes rows of SBs rather than
    MBs, each SB contains 2x2 MBs.
    Two intra prediction modes have been disabled since they
    require reconstructed data for the above-right MB which
    may not have been encoded yet (e.g. for the bottom right
    MB in each SB).
    Results on the one test clip I have tried (720p GIPS clip)
    suggest that it is somewhere around 0.2dB worse than the
    baseline version, so there may be bugs.
    It has been tested with no experiments enabled and with
    the following 3 experiments enabled:
    in each case the decode buffer matches the recon buffer
    (using "cmp" to compare the dumped/decoded frames).
    Note: Testing these experiments individually created
    Some problems were found with other experiments but it
    is unclear what state these experiments are in:
    This code has not been extensively tested yet, so there
    is every likelihood that further bugs remain. I also
    intend to do some code cleanup & refactoring in tandem
    with the next patch that adds the 32x32 modes.
    Change-Id: I1eba7f740a70b3510df58db53464535ef881b4d9